My girlfriend is a London escort and even though she says she doesn’t sleep with clients I keep having vision of her having hardcore sex daily and I’m jealous

I am a man full of dreams even when I was young. I never stop thinking on things that I would like to become when I grew up. When started to go to school I told to myself that I must give it the best that he deserves so that is why I work so hard for my studies and with all the efforts and sacrifices I made I never fail in reaching it. In fact I was one of the most outstanding student of my school since nursery, graders, high school and even college. Though there tough times along the way but I was able to face it through the great power of prayers and determination.  Every after the school year end I always received academic awards and I told myself after the last award I received that I already complete but those were not yet the end of everything. After a year of finishing from a long years of going to school and gone into reviews for board exams and had passed it I thought I was already complete. I was so wrong then, there is something in my heart that keeps on looking for. Says Nina from London escort.

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I just walk up one day and realized that missing piece in me and that was the woman of my life. All my life was dedicated to my studies that I even forget the chance of going out with friends and have the chance to meet women. I used to be a home and school boy. I never found it boring and I don’t even thinking it those days while I am still studying. But as I had a stable job I sense that I is longing for it. I had to talk to my mom about my situation and she then told me to fill in the missing piece in me. I have all the time and the right to look and find for it I am already secure with my future that I have all the ability and capability of responsibilities. After hearing it straight from my mom I then started to go out after work with my co-workers sometimes with my college friends. I find it so relaxing and cool going it with a permission coming from parents and they are into my longing in looking for a woman to fill in the lacking piece in myself.

It was a fine night of the last day of the month people were too busy going to places wherein they bring in their families to enjoy life to the fullest for it is the salary day. Most people who have worked received their monthly compensation and they definitely love bringing their love ones outside the house for dinner treat. I choose to stay in park for I hate crowded places like bars and malls. So during these days people love to go to malls so parks were not that so crowded compared with malls. When I was there I saw a beautiful woman wearing shirt and a pants and crying. I go straight to her and give her comfort. It seems that I’ve known her for so long. After such encounter with her we began friends and became lovers too. Before we became lovers she already informed me that she is connected with London escort and I don’t see anything wrong about it in fact that makes me love her that much.

My girlfriend is a London escort and even though she says she doesn’t sleep with clients I keep having vision of her having hardcore sex daily and I’m jealous for I love her so much. This doesn’t mean that I have doubts with her but man as I am I really have that feeling in me and I keep on telling it to her and that is each day my love for her gets stronger for the sincerity and love that she gives on me. I am not ashamed of having her as my girlfriend in fact I am so proud and blessed to tell everyone that my girlfriend is one of the best escorts in London escort.